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With a legacy of transforming lives and empowering patients, Tyler D. Goldberg, MD and VIPP Austin are your ultimate solution for advanced, compassionate, and personalized hip care.

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Is Hip Pain Taking Over?

Are you living the life you want to live or has hip pain taken over your daily function? Routine activities such as sleeping or getting up from the floor after playing with your grandkids have become a painful reminder that something is not right. Every move is a painful reminder that you are limited… and life is not about being limited!

Due to HIP PAIN, you’re:

Limiting or stopping exercise
Sleeping horribly
Passing on activties
Frustrated you’re missing out on life

Reclaim Your Life!

You’ve identified the problem. VIPP Austin is the solution.

If you do nothing or settle for subpar hip care, be ready for your life to grow even smaller. If you’re ready to regain control of your life, you’re ready for VIPP Austin.

We offer a full range of premium hip care, including:

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Primary Anterior Approach (AMIS) Total Hip Replacement

Total hip replacement is the most patient friendly operation performed in the world. Since 2007, Dr. Goldberg has performed thousands of Anterior THR and is recognized as a thought leader throughout the world.

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Revision Hip Replacement

Unfortunately, some hip replacements fail and require revision. Dr. Goldberg is a fellowship-trained revision expert with over 25 years of experience.

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Hip Arthroscopy

Hip arthroscopy can address many hip issues without the necessity of a large, invasive procedure.

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Hip Preservation

Some patients have severe pain in their hips, usually from impingement. While a total hip may be necessary for some, many patients benefit from hip preservation procedures that can restore your activity and maintain your native hip!

Dr. Goldberg in the operating room.

Experience Unrivaled Hip Care

Experience matters in hip replacement. Our team at VIPP Austin will provide you with an exclusive care program designed specifically for your unique needs. In fact, the VIPP Austin vision is to provide world-class, affordable, and personalized care and deliver life-long results to each visiting patient.

Tyler D. Goldberg, MD represents the pinnacle of hip expertise. A globally renowned leader in hip reconstruction, he stands at the forefront of innovation, education, and research. He and his team transform lives daily through the surgical procedures they perform and the care pathways they have developed.

Are you ready for a solution? You’ve found the right team at VIPP Austin.

Surgical Guarantee

Trust and quality are paramount to any physician-patient relationship. In addition, innovation is fundamental to modern surgical techniques, implants, and care pathways. VIPP Austin expands these vital attributes through a surgical guarantee.

This unique, first-in-market guarantee is simple: There will be no VIPP Austin charges for the first year after surgery for any care/complication requiring a surgical solution. *Dr. Goldberg charges only. Additional fees to cover other providers, including Internal medicine and Anesthesia are not covered. Hospital charges are separate from VIPP Austin.

We are not aware of any such surgical guarantee anywhere in the world! This is a testament to the confidence in the quality of our product.

Is the Surgical Guarantee a guarantee of result? No.

Surgical outcomes depend upon many factors – some unrelated to the orthopedic disease or surgery itself. However, we at VIPP Austin can commit to you that we will strive to achieve the best possible outcome for your surgery.

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